Moving more than just his bowels

Posted May 2nd, 2010 by Administrator

Yeah, the title definitely sounds gross, unless you’re actually up to your elbows in baby feces everyday. Then it’s considered “dinner conversation”.
Luke has been working harder and harder at trying to crawl, walk, or drive a 5-speed. While he hasn’t completely mastered it yet, he finally crawls. Sort of.
Luke’s crawling right now is reminiscent of a wounded animal. While it can drag itself forward, it has completely lost the use of its back legs. That’s about how Luke does it.
He drags himself across the floor as opposed to actually crawling. His butt up high in the air, legs straight, arms reaching outward, he pushes himself forward mere fractions of an inch with his toes. Anybody watching would say, “oh wow! That’s so cute!” I, on the other hand, shake my head in disappointment that he’s wasting so much energy with so little reward. He’s just one let down after another, isn’t he?
I’m kidding. I think it’s great that he’s actually starting to move around on the floor. He seems to be happier now that he can get his toys on his own. He cries less, which is always a bonus.
Along with crawling, Luke is also expanding his taste for fine cuisine. We’ve moved into chicken, ground beef, yogurt, and sushi. Maybe not sushi. I suspect Sarah may have been lying when she said that Luke ate my sushi when I wasn’t looking. She wouldn’t lie to me about something like that though, would she?
We’re about to go to another child’s 1st birthday party with him. While I wrap up this post Luke is actually sitting on my lap dressed in his birthday suit (real clothing, not his bare bottom), babbling about the ancient Romans and how long it really took them to build Rome or something. Wish me luck!

Christmas in January

Posted February 5th, 2010 by Aaron

I know this is coming a couple weeks late, but…meh.

Luke asked only for his two front teeth.  “Santa” wasn’t sure which two front teeth, so Luke received a “My Pal Scout” instead.  Not as useful, but still way cool in his eyes.

To prove that he really wanted teeth, the day after he turned 5 months, we found a tooth had broken through.  Exactly one week later, a SECOND tooth came through!  It’s like the fat man finally got around to actually reading Luke’s Christmas wish list and decided to make good on Luke’s request.

I think this video is fairly representative dramatization of what happened:

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I have a lot more to say about things that have been going on, but I need to horde my information.  You never know when I’m going to run out of stories.  If that happens, and I want to make sure I have some in the back to keep things fresh.

It’s alive!

Posted November 8th, 2009 by Aaron

Luke was born on August 17, 2009. You may or may not have noticed that we haven’t been updating anything over the past 13 weeks since his birth. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to talk about, we’ve just been a little busy.

Stay glued to your monitor though (figuratively please). We plan on continuing this saga of story-telling with his birth. I’ll probably tell some stories that I remember, and link to some of my Flickr photos (again, once I upload them!). Hopefully Sarah will contribute too!

We have a new look, and several URLs that all come back to here:,,

Don’t tell Sarah about that last one though…

Things I can not wait to do again…

Posted July 28th, 2009 by Sarah

1. Turn over on my stomach
2. Turn over on my back
3. Drink wine
4. Shop at Banana Republic
5. Drink some diet with high chemical content beverage
6. Eat turkey with nitrates
7. Go out for sushi
8. Travel somewhere for a get-a-way
9. Run – sad but true
10. Do some other challenging workout things – like push ups and planks and abs

Current countdown – 21 day until due date!

Gut Feeling

Posted July 27th, 2009 by Sarah

I have a gut feeling that this will NEVER end. I technically have 22 days left until my due date as of today, and I feel like I am having little to no progress in the progress department. Lucus loves his home and isn’t inclined to come out anytime soon. I did however get some good news today about the August full moon which is on August 6th. I guess people believe that babies come on a full moon day. This day would work for me. I would be free that day to go ahead and have Luke. After I got my spirits up with the sooner full moon they were let down when I read that this is all bs. I guess I just don’t like being in control. This one really nice guy I know told me that when I feel like I cannot control something to control Aaron that much more. He said it will help Aaron in the long run. Reading the last post from Aaron I think that might work.

I hope this *NEVER* ends!

Posted July 25th, 2009 by Aaron

I’m lying.  I really , want this to be over.  I’m constantly in trouble.  I had to give up all of my extracurricular activities for Sarah.  That leaves me with painting and yard work.

She had her baby shower last weekend.  Lots of people came and were very generous.  Luke is going to be well-dressed and will be taken care of well.  I think that we may have a few too many newborn diapers, but we’ll see.  I suspect that we can take them and exchange them for the next size up if we need to.

Sarah is about to start week 37.  Just a few more days.  We’re at the point now that we go to the doctor every week.  Yay.  That combined with the weekly birthing classes that we’ve been attending, some might say that I’m in heaven.  I think otherwise.

The doctor is also doing a pelvic exam every visit.  Luke’s still up pretty high.  She said that there’s no dialation.  I offered to double-check her work, just to give a second opinion.  With two fingers held proudly in the air, I declared, “lube me!”

Again, I’m lying of course, but still, maybe she’s wrong.  Probably not.

So now that the shower is over, the only thing left is baby.  We want to get a couple more things before he arrives, but realistically he can arrive and we’d be fine.

I’m guessing that he’s going to arrive pretty close to his due date.  I’m hoping for a Friday birth.  That way I can maximize my time off (weekend through weekend).  My guess though is August 14 (a Friday of course).  He’ll be about 7 pounds, probably average length (whatever length that is).

When do you think he’ll be born, and how big?


Posted May 29th, 2009 by Aaron

And also Dresserage and Changing Tableage. That’s right, everything arrived today!

The dresser was something that didn’t need assembly, the crib was already assembled, and made them leave the changing table for me to do. Unfortunately, the crib was also something for me to do because it’s too wide to fit through a standard interior door. Bleh!

The delivery guys left it at the top of the stairs for me to disassemble and then reassemble in the room once I moved the pieces in. How thoughtful.

There's a crib on the loft

There's a crib on the loft

I took pictures of the steps it took to actually put the changing table together, which isn’t nearly as fast as teh 4 steps for the crib. I left out 12 steps which were potentially beer related steps (step 1: get beer, step 2: drink beer,…step 5: drink beer, step 6: get beer,…).

Enjoy the photos, if you’re into that kind of photo collection.

I got tired of writing descriptions, plus there are a lot of pictures, so I decided against putting ALL of the pictures up. I hope you’re not disappointed. If you are…sorry? Enjoy what I did take time on…






...there... many... many...



Apparently I need two black people and a screwdriver for assembly.  What's the screwdriver for?

Apparently I need two black people and a screwdriver for assembly. What's the screwdriver for?

The finished product!

The finished product!

One angle into the room...

One angle into the room...

Another angle in the room...

Another angle in the room...

27 Weeks – 13 To Go

Posted May 19th, 2009 by Sarah

I remember thinking at 19 weeks that I couldn’t possibly get any larger. Well here at 27 weeks I am thinking the same thing. I also can understand how taking a long walk can put someone into labor. I took walk yesterday and I had to waddle on home. At the end I felt like I had no choice but to lie down when I got home. I was whipped. Today I feel like I had a hard workout yesterday from a walk. Baby is in charge now.

In other news I am always hot, which is nice since I used to freezing in the air conditioning at work all summer. I am also very moody.

The baby continues to move and I can see it from the outside which is really cool. It looks like my stomach is dancing. On one had 13 weeks feels like forever, but on the other hand it doesn’t feel like that long. I have my shower in July and birthing classes in July as well. I am feeling like by the time July comes I will be even more ready than I am today. Today although I feel ready, I want the baby to keep on cooking for heath reasons, and I also want to mentally prepare for giving birth. That part is just freaky.

Lucas Alexander Stemen

Posted May 19th, 2009 by Sarah

9 things to love about Baby Luke

1. He moves when Aaron talks
2. He already has the best taste in clothes thanks to his mom
3. He has friends in this world and he hasn’t even arrived. His friends are waiting for him – he will be popular
4. He is a mentor – he has a friend who was just conceived who he will wait on (no names here, it is still a secret)
5. He loves food like his mom and through cravings he makes his mom eat things like apples, and yogurt, and milk, and lots of salad
6. He makes his mom more outspoken – and angry and moody too

7. Instead of working out like crazy and feeling like his mom could always be doing more, Luke lets his mom know when it is time to sit down and relax

8. He kicks every time mommy considers buying something which means to just buy it. His mom has gotten shoes because of him, and cute baby clothes, and even the extra baby furniture.

9. When his mom is having a bad day he kicks and makes it all better instantly and now seeing him move under the skin makes all the bad symptoms of pregnancy go away!


Posted May 12th, 2009 by Aaron

Finally finished painting and putting the nursery back together. This past weekend, I put up two coats, a couple edging coats, and a new ceiling fan. Yesterday evening I painted the last edging coat and began replacing the outlets and light switch with new, satin nickel face plates. Today I replaced the last two outlets and put teh shelves back int eh closet and put the doors back up.

The room looks nice as you can see in the following photograph.



The “almost” part comes from the fact that we don’t have the blinds up (on order), and we need the baby furniture (in the works).

If you’re drinking a malt beverage, and if you strayed here randomly from the internet then there’s a 50% chance that you are, pour a little out for my homie The extension roller who is no longer with us. He helped me paint several large rooms in the house by extending and retracting to convenient lengths for painting.

The exension roller’s final act was to help me paint Luke’s room. Before leaving us for the great trash can in the garage, I asked The extension roller, “why do you extend and retract so frequently during a job?” He simply replied, “that’s how I roll.”

Please bow your heads and say a little prayer over the broken image of The extension roller: