Wow, I’m like butter

Posted March 14th, 2009 by Aaron

‘Cause I’m on a roll!

Here’s something else that I feel the need to share.  You know, since I’m sharing already.  Plus, bringing up my legal department made me think of this.  Read on.  You’ll make the connection…

We visited our first daycare yesterday.  It was (and still is) the Jewish Community Center daycare over on Smoky Row.  nice place.  Very kosher.

Seriously though, I liked it.  There was nothing about the place that made me feel uncomfortable or worried for the welfare of any of those children.  I will be more than happy to drop off Junior there every morning.  It’s a little strange in the way that they have Shabbat everyday.  I think it’s spelled that way.  I also think that it’s everyday, but it might only be once or twice a week. If you’re Jewish, or just know how about it, feel free to correct me.

They have all of their meals cooked over at the Bexley location (imagine that, a Jewish Community Center in Bexley…) and catered over to them.  They need the meals to be kosher.  I hope that also means that they’re healthy.  I don’t want Junior getting fat.  I think it’s okay if Junior gets phat though.  But that’s totally different.

Anyway, I have a tendency to digress from the topic at hand.  I don’t actually have a problem with the Judaic teachings that they practice there with all of the kids (Jewish or not).  I think that it may be an excellent way to help teach junior some morals and ethics.

If Junior comes up to me when it’s time to leave the JCC for some other place and says, “Papa,” (that’s what Junior would call me if we were not snooty, white folks from the ‘burbs), “can I start going to Temple?”  I wouldn’t mind.  I might have Junior explain, and have a real discussion about it and the impacts, but in no way would I attempt to hinder or cripple Junior’s beliefs.  I want Junior to be able to express Juniorself and have Junior’s own opinions.

Anywho, I don’t really want to look at any other daycares.  I really liked it there.  What do you think?  Should we take the time to visit other places?  Some of you have kids, or plan on it.  I’m just of the mind that, once I find something that I like, I don’t want to try to rule it out.  Why do that to myself?

Let me know what you think.  I’d like to know.

3 Responses to “Wow, I’m like butter”

  1. Melissa

    If you call your kid Junior, I’m gonna have to flick on you on the forehead.

    Also, if you like the Jewish place, then go with it. Have you gotten opinions from other people on the Jewish place? What is their reputation? Have they had any legal problems in the past? What about their employees? What type of background searches do they perform on them before they are hired? How much do they charge compared to other daycare centers? What is the reputation of other daycare centers in the area? Is the Jewish place willing to give out phone numbers of other parents so you can talk with them about the daycare? Will they be willing to let you arrive when parents are picking up their children so you can talk with them about their thoughts and feelings? Would you like for me to come up with more questions? I have a thousand more I can share.

  2. Michelle

    Is this the place that you and Sarah were talking about a while back? Do you know anyone who has or have had their children in this daycare? Usually ones first instincts and impressions are correct. If you like this one then talk to others who have used this daycare. Then you will know for sure.

    Letting your children learn about other religions is a great thing. It broadens their outlook on things and gives them insight into different worlds. All of these are good things.

    Uuummmm, Papa? Junior????

    Your story telling is very imginative these days and quite humorous. Especially in these baby posts. Good thing we know you. If someone who did not know you were to read these posts they would think that you were, uh, a little off kilter.

  3. Aaron

    My legal department says that they appear to be on the up and up. That exact term may or may not have been used.

    I did look them up on the Ohio Child Care Listing. They got 1 star quality rating, out of a potential 3. I’m not really sure what that means. I’m also not sure who really gives those stars. Regardless, 1 is better than none right?

    Seriously though, aside from that they are a fully-compliant daycare according to the inspection report from 12/31/2008.