Can’t forget…

Posted March 14th, 2009 by Aaron

Apparently, the baby has been moving.  Not like bike riding, or step aerobics or anything like that.  But I’m sure that it’s swimming.  I mean, it is in a big bowl of fluid.  Gross, gooey, disgusting fluid.

The movement has been going on for several weeks now.  Sarah keeps telling me that means that it’s going to be born early.  I’m not sure if that’s good or not.  I mean, I procrastinate at pretty much everything.  Look at how spread out my posts have been (except for today).  That means I’ll have to have all of the rooms painted, and the carpet replaced before August.

Really?  I have to get things done ahead of time?  I’m not sure if I can handle that.  If I get something done early, will reality implode?  Will the fabric of our universe tear apart and put us into some kind of alternativerse?  I don’t know if I’m willing to take that chance, are you?

By the way.  I made up the word “alternativerse”.  If I see you use that anywhere else, I’m going to send my legal department after you.

3 Responses to “Can’t forget…”

  1. Melissa

    The baby will be born early because it is moving now? Never heard that myth before now.

  2. Michelle

    I am with Missy on this one. That is not something I have ever heard before. I do believe that it is a myth.

  3. Aaron

    Yeah, you can quit searching for the background on that myth. Apparently, the source of the myth was Sarah herself! I for one am appalled.