Been a while…

Posted February 22nd, 2009 by Aaron

I feel like I’ve been slacking a little bit on my posts.  It’s not that I’m lazy- I should stop right there.  I am in fact lazy.  My slacking on posting is not caused by my laziness.

Sarah mentioned that we got to hear the heartbeat.  That was pretty awesome.  It was only for a brief moment.  Apparently, the baby wasn’t very comfortable being spied on.

Our next appointment is on March 2.  At that appointment, we have to decide if we want to have a test done that checks for things like Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida (spelling?), and a couple of other things.  At first I was all for it.  After reading how accurate it is (approximately 80% accurate), and hearing that there’s a 6% chance of a false-positive, I’m not so sure.

I (we actually) would like to know what you think.  Should we get the test done?  I don’t think that we should.  We were going to have it done so that we could prepare in the event that the kid is going to be special needs.  But because of the accuracy, or lack of, I’m leaning toward not having it done.

So yeah, tell us what y0u think…

7 Responses to “Been a while…”

  1. Michelle

    Personally I would not have it done. If you have it done and it showed the baby would be special needs of any kind then you would prepare for that. But….if it were a false positive then you both got worried and prepared for nothing. Besides I know that your child will be just fine. With Downs Syndrome the chances are much greater in older women. Just enjoy being pregnant and look forward to a happy healthy baby. Love you both.

  2. krotscheck

    Is there anything that’s stopping you from having the tests done at a later time? If so, I say wait. If you find you don’t like the uncertainty, then you can always change your mind.

  3. Aaron

    That’s a good question. I’m not sure if we can have them done later or not. If we decide not to have the test done, we’ll ask if we can do the tests later. Thanks for the idea!

  4. rkierner

    Actually, I would recommend having it done. My parents had the test done when my brother Tom was born and it paid off. If there are problems, the ability to have a specialist immediately available could be beneficial. When the time comes, I assure that Heather and I will have that test done.

  5. cfrederick

    Having recently gone through the same thought process (whether to test or not) we simply asked what the benefits and risks of having the test done were. The doc said, (and this may sound crude but this is what he said) the test is basically so you can decide whether or not you want to have a baby with Downs Syndrome. We talked about it and decided we wanted the baby either way. Obviously this is where the idea of a false positive could be horrifying. The doctor also said there was a slight risk that the test could cause harm to the baby. From a scratch from the needle being inserted to complications that could lead to miscarriage. That is all we needed to know and we didn’t have it.

  6. FShaskus

    The increased miscarriage risk scared us off as well. The decision was made easier by a lack of risk factors on our end as well (heredity, parental age and the like).

    Rick’s specialist argument is an excellent one. My thought would be that most of the major hospitals in Columbus could wrassle up an expert in under an hour, but that is based entirely on hopeful optimism and no research. It might be something worth asking.

  7. Melissa

    I am responding late, but I am throwing in my two cents anyway even though it no longer matters. We did not have the test done. The problems being checked for do not run in our family and seemed useless.