Posted February 7th, 2009 by Sarah

So Aaron and I went to the Doctor on Monday and we heard the little heart beating!  Yeah!  It was going at about 160 beats per minute and the baby was sitting on my left side.  After we heard the heartbeat my baby got out of dodge.  Apparently the baby doesn’t love being poked very much.  I know it is just so cute and I can’t wait to meet little baby Stemen.  We also heard the swooshing of my placenta.  I didn’t know that made noise too.  It was cool to hear all the sounds.  I loved it.  We also got good news that the risk of miscarriage drops now to less than 1%.

More good news is that next week will be my last week of the 1st trimester.  I am still going to bed pretty early but I do not feel as completely exhausted as I did in December and January.  I have been working out a little bit more and enjoying being pregnant a bit more.

My belly also continues to grow.  I show in my workout clothes but only to me and sometimes Aaron.  Anyone who doesn’t know me just thinks I have a fat belly if they even notice.  I just look a bit thick in the middle.  I did buy my first round of maternity pants today though.  They are truly heaven.  I never thought I would be so happy to have elastic around my pants.  Yes I have a big thick elastic waist on 3 pairs of pants now!  Sexy.  They are kind of like low rise only for big belly girls!  I actually feel cute again.  My regular pants were tight, and normally if I had gained weight I would just suffer through the pinch but the pinch is very uncomfortable for me.  I have never been such a happy shopper!

Well I said I would take a picture today and I didn’t get a chance, but I will for sure take a picture in the next day or so and update the blog again. I know I have been slacking on updates, but I don’t feel super pregnant so it is okay!

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