So this is it!

Posted December 15th, 2008 by Sarah

So, Aaron and I tried to have a baby last month and it worked!  Here is the story about how I found out.  Probably not as funny as Aaron’s but even so, it was a good time.  So I was in Chicago for a Search Engine Marketing Conference.  Thanks to my personal trainer, Andy, I was wearing my Rock and Rebublic’s and feeling extra skinny.  I was really feeling like my stomach was super flat.  However great this whole flat stomach thing was for me, it was unexpected because I was due to start my — you know.  That is when it occurred to me that I should take a pregnancy test.  So I stole a cab ride.  I will tell that story later, and I got a pregnancy test, which was an event in itself and peed on it when I got back to the hotel.  It was positive.  I flapped my arms around a little and called Aaron.  He was right in his part of the story.  He didn’t believe it, and told me that I might be hormonal.  He obviously hadn’t googled pregnancy as much as I had so I let it go.

In anycase, here I am at the end of week 4 (tomorrow is week 5) and I just finished making a healthy dinner and working out.  See…nothing has changed except for my excitement level and perhaps my worries.

I am a little worried, but once we hear that heartbeat and get over the 10/12 week mark I will feel more settled.

So far pregnancy has been odd.  Aaron is very happy with the changes in my body (in the boob area).  He loves how pretty I look.  I have only cried once, and Aaron didn’t make me cry (another story for later).  Most of the time I feel normal.  I was really tired at the end of last week and this whole weekend, but that may have been from my trip.  I don’t sleep well without Aaron.  Sometimes I just don’t believe it is true, but other times I do.  Physically I can see and feel some slight changes but really most of the time I just feel like myself, only more aware of what I eat and drink.  Oh yes, and I pee all the time!

3 Responses to “So this is it!”

  1. Aaron

    For the record, there was no “try”. I simply DID IT! It only took that one time. The other few times were just for fun.

  2. Michelle

    When do you go to the doctor or have you already? How far along do you have to be to see if it is a boy or a girl?

    Yes I am excited.

  3. Aaron

    Sarah’s first appointment is on January 6. It’s apparently a half day affair, and we don’t really know what all is going to go on during the appointment.

    Also, we don’t find out the sex until about 20 weeks (5 months?). That should be around March or April I think.