The Heart will Go On

Posted January 10th, 2009 by Sarah

So after we saw the heart beating it was the most amazing feeling in the world.  Aaron and I went out to lunch after because we were so happy and wanted to savor the day.  It is truly amazing.  Our baby right now is the size of a small jelly bean.  It is so cute and I just know it looks exactly like Aaron.  Right now I am chillaxing while drinking very watered down apple juice that looks like beer in a beer mug.  I worked out this morning too, so I am enjoying some R and R.  I also started to register because our little jelly bean is going to need some baby goods.  I love shopping too.  I registered at Pottery Barn Kids, Target, and Baby’s R’ Us.  I am sure once I figure out what gender our baby will be I will register for more gender specific things.  For all those of you who want to know as badly as I do it will not be until week 20 that we find out.  Right now I am finishing up week 8 so that means we have about 12 more weeks to go!  I am excited to find out but there is so much more to look forward to in between now and then, that I don’t mind the wait.  I mean I am excited to feel the baby move, and I am excited to get new maternity clothes, and I am excited to pass the 12 week mark, and lastly I am excited to get my energy levels back up.

After the weather starts to get a little nicer Aaron is going to start to paint the baby’s room.  Right now I want to have a green, perhaps sage green room, with cream baby bedding.  I want it too be the a very cute room.  I don’t think I want a theme though, just more of a baby sanctuary.

I also wanted to share in this post that after we heard he heartbeat Aaron and I called Granny Goodman, and Grandma Smith.  When the phone rang on Grandma Smith’s phone the song that came on was My Heart will Go On by Celine.  This was just so ironic and amazing.  I think it was a sign from above that I do not need to worry and that our baby will be born a healthy strong baby, and I also heard that song on the radio a day later and I turned it up.  I think that might just be the song for our baby.  I am sure I will tell my baby that story one day.  My baby will ask me if I worried about it and I will say yes but that little confirmations of baby’s impact on me and little signs from my baby kept soothing my mind and worries.

3 Responses to “The Heart will Go On”

  1. Aaron

    I should point out that Grandma Smith is Grandma Chelle. While interchangeable, I think we should standardize on the one that Grandma Chelle prefers. Can you guess which one that is?

    Also, I think we should consider registering at Best Buy and Circuit City. Baby may need a new pair of shoes, but I think that baby would like a huge TV, kick ass home theater system, and some movies to go along with.

    Or not…

  2. Melissa

    Kelsey couldn’t say Grandma Michelle so it always came out Grammachelle, which I always thought was really cute. She also called our grandmother Grandma Pansy, which I also thought was cute. To clarify the difference between Grandma Teeple and Grandma Chelle, we always called Grandma Teeple Great-Grandma so she wouldn’t get confused when we just said Grandma. It’s cute to remember her being so small and saying “Hey Great-Grandma” in her tiny little voice. She still calls her Great-Grandma to this day.

  3. Michelle

    And I absouletly love being called Grandma Chelle. Grandma Smith is to formal…I am not a formal person. Grandma Michelle is to difficult for little ones. So, I am really glad that Kelsey couldn’t say anything but Grandma Chelle/Grammachelle.

    It is very exciting to hear a baby’s heartbeat. And to feel it move for the first time. I am so glad that you two are so excited about little baby Stemen. I think that you both will be good parents and little baby will be very spoiled. I will help on the spoiling part. :-)