Secret Insider Photos!

Posted January 6th, 2009 by Aaron

I guess I should say “inside-her” photos. It is official though, Embryo ’08 is now Fetus ’09! Here are the photos to prove it.

8 week ultrasound.  Click for the HUGE version.

8 week ultrasound. Click for the HUGE version.

This is proof that Sarah hasn’t been faking her symptoms all along. Nobody’s saying that she was overly dramatic about her symptoms, just that she wasn’t faking them.

Needless to say, we’re both very excited about seeing the ultrasound and the little tiny heart beating.

Her doctor is very nice too.

We have to go to work now, but I’m sure that Sarah will have more to say on the entire thing later.

2 Responses to “Secret Insider Photos!”

  1. Michelle

    Miracles, miracles, miracles…..that’s what babies are. The sweet smell of baby lotion and baby powder. I am going to be a grandma again. Another little one to call me Grandma Chelle. Yeehhh! I’ve told most everyone I know already. It will be neat to see more ultrasound photos as the baby grows. Love you both.

  2. Melissa

    Let’s see . . . . it looks like . . . . . a GIRL!

    Okay, not really. It just looks like a bean. Or a grub. Are you *really* having a baby or is this a picture from a National Geographic magazine?