What do Toddlers Dream About

Posted September 14th, 2011 by Aaron

Apparently, “Dinosaur Train” and chicken nuggets.

Luke requires two things at night:

  1. for one of us to lie in bed with him until he falls asleep
  2. to sleep in our bed after he wakes up and finds that we’re no longer in his bed.

Last night was no different in regards to his needs.  The difference came around 5:45 this morning when he suddenly said, “Dinosaur Train.”  I looked at the clock, and disregarded it when I saw the time.  I thought he was awake and asking to go watch the show.  But then he said it twice more, each time with increasing volume.  Then…silence.

He went back to sleep after that, or stayed asleep and moved on to the next dream.

A while later, he said with a little distress in his voice, “no nuggets.  No nuggets!”

Of course, we weren’t lying there in bed with him offering him chicken nuggets.  I mean, who would eat chicken nuggets in bed before 11:00am?  McDonald’s is still making breakfast at that point!  Sheesh!

So, to answer the question that I think has been on your minds for many years now: what do toddlers dream about?  The answer is simply, “Dinosaur Train” and chicken nuggets.

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