Happy New Year

Posted January 1st, 2009 by Sarah

So it is 2009, the year our baby will be born.

Last night Aaron and I ate some pizza for New Year’s Eve and I had a big bowl of green beans.  Luckily, I couldn’t eat very much.  I ate the green beans first so I didn’t eat much pizza.  I went to bed at my normal 8 pm time.  Aaron was sad I wouldn’t be able to ring the new year in with him so I had him wake me up at 11:55 ish so I could see the ball drop.  I was happy he got me up to see 2009.  This morning on the Today Show I saw the recap.

Today I am going to try to venture out to the gym.  I am going to probably get on the elliptical and listen to my ipod. I really am not in the mood though.  Nicole says to go to the gym everyday that I possibly can because there will be days where it isn’t possible especially in the end.  I think those are good words of wisdom so I better get going.  Maybe Aaron will post something to the blog while I am gone.  If posting is a contest, then I am winning.

4 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. regina goodman

    yes, go to the gym!!!!!!!! green dress nicole is right; it is very hard in the end. go to the gym just to get out of the house and try hard to make it count. even if you don’t gain much weight the kid has it’s own mind and there will be days when it moves too much, your hips ache or you just don’t have the will power so go now while you just have to use a teeny bit of will power. think of me cheering you on and hoping for your success.

    can i post pix to this blog? how did you get the flower and cloud up?

    happy new year to all you guys.

  2. Aaron

    No you cannot post pictures on our blog.

    The things on the side are part of the theme that we picked out.

  3. rkierner

    Why can’t you post pictures on your blog? If you use Windows Live Writer, you should be able to

  4. Aaron

    Subscribers commenting can’t upload pictures. Sarah and I can upload pictures.