Luke’s “Big Boy” Room

Posted August 22nd, 2011 by Aaron

For a couple of months, we had a lot of trouble getting Luke to go to bed.  He just didn’t want to be in his crib.  There was very little that we could do to convince him that lying down and going to sleep was the right thing to do.  Instead, he felt that crying and screaming was definitely what he should be doing.  And maybe it worked.

Every time.

We aren’t sure what it was about his crib that caused him to hate it so much.  He’s still small enough that he’s not touching all four sides.  There aren’t any monsters in his closet anymore.  Maybe the bars remind him of the time he spent in a San Juan prison.

Whatever the reason, he doesn’t like it in there.  Plus, we have a second baby on the way, and he needs to get the hell out of her room.  Now!

Sarah decided that she wanted to get his bedroom furniture at IKEA.  So, we borrowed her mom’s van, took all the seats out, grabbed our friends Bryan and Heather, and headed south to West Chester!

We got quite a few things there: Swedish meatballs, mac and cheese, chicken fingers.  We were living LARGE!  We also picked out a ton of stuff for Luke and me.  The “me” part was for my office furniture.  The rest of it though was Luke’s bed frame and mattress, a matching dresser, a storage unit for his toys, and a little wooden train set.  We got some other miscellaneous things for ourselves.

We were at IKEA for about six hours…

The following weekend, I finished prepping the walls of his room, and I painted.  We chose “Cinderella’s Ball Gown” as the color.  It’s a blue.  Sort of sky blue, but less manly.  I told Sarah that Cinderella’s Ball Gown would look better on the floor.  Based on the glare she gave me, I think she got the joke.

That was the Sunday before his birthday.  The next night, I assembled his dresser.  That was painfully tedious.

The next night after that, I assembled the bed.  That wasn’t so tedious.  The mattress though was rolled up tight.  It was rolled up so tight, I was afraid to cut the plastic to unwrap it.  I imagined the mattress unrolling with such force that I would be thrown backwards against the wall either giving myself a concussion, or putting an Aaron-shaped hole in the wall like a Bugs Bunny cartoon!

Unrolling the mattress was horrifying!  As the tension in plastic wrapping released, the mattress quickly uncoiled within the loosened plastic making some disturbing rumbling noises.  Eventually, it unrolled enough that the tension released, and the danger passed.  I still put my full body over the roll to keep it from just flying open as I removed the plastic.

I put Luke’s queen size mattress on the frame, put sheets on it, and Luke got to sleep in it that night.  Wait!  Did you just make a face when you saw “queen size”?  I know it seems a little weird, but here’s an artist’s representation of what Luke looked like sleeping alone in our queen bed a few nights earlier:

Luke in our bed

Artist's representation of Luke sleeping in our bed

Also, Sarah pointed out to me how economical it is that we don’t have to buy new sheets for his bed!

Here are some pictures of the room, and some of Luke’s reaction:

Luke's new bed

Luke's new bed

View from the door

View from the door

Testing out the new bed with Mom

Testing out the new bed with Mom

Climbing up next to Dad

Climbing up next to Dad

I like this

"I like this"

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