More Morning Sickness

Posted December 29th, 2008 by Sarah

Well tomorrow is the first day of week 7!  Yeah!  That means I could only have at the best 5 more weeks of this nauseous feeling.  Everyday I get up and feel pretty sick.  I then get a spurt of energy and try to get stuff done.  Today I cleaned 2 bathrooms and the kitchen and I also filled out all the data online for my upcoming appointment on January 6th.

I have been managing to work out as well.  Yesterday my mom and I went to a spinning class.  I think my baby likes spinning because it felt good.  Today I took a day off but tomorrow I will be working out with Andy.

While we are on the subject of working out.  I have gained 2 pounds so far.  I am trying to watch what I eat but in the mornings all I can stomach is crackers.  I am putting an end to the ginger ale and to the preggie pops because that is all sugar. I think the 2 pounds so far is due to the sugar I have been eating.  Sadly the sugar helps.  Hopefully as I learn to do a better job managing morning sickness I can eat what I know I should be eating.  Just hope for me on this one.  It is a challenge.  I think I have a new kinda of respect for all the mom’s out there.  Being pregnant is hard work.

One Response to “More Morning Sickness”

  1. Michelle

    Wait until you are 8 months. You will be so tired of being pregnant you will be wanting to have the baby immediately. Just kidding!!! :-)

    I enjoyed being pregnant. After the morning sickness is gone you will be feeling all kinds of wonderful things. Once the baby starts moving and you can feel it moving you will be thrilled. Think of it as an adventure. Enjoy every minute of it. Yeah, even the morning sickness, cause that will go away. Just think of that little being growing inside you. What a wonder and a miracle babies are.

    I do understand how you are feeling. It may have been 32 years ago when I was last pregnant but I do remember what it is like.

    Love you both.