Moving more than just his bowels

Posted May 2nd, 2010 by Administrator

Yeah, the title definitely sounds gross, unless you’re actually up to your elbows in baby feces everyday. Then it’s considered “dinner conversation”.
Luke has been working harder and harder at trying to crawl, walk, or drive a 5-speed. While he hasn’t completely mastered it yet, he finally crawls. Sort of.
Luke’s crawling right now is reminiscent of a wounded animal. While it can drag itself forward, it has completely lost the use of its back legs. That’s about how Luke does it.
He drags himself across the floor as opposed to actually crawling. His butt up high in the air, legs straight, arms reaching outward, he pushes himself forward mere fractions of an inch with his toes. Anybody watching would say, “oh wow! That’s so cute!” I, on the other hand, shake my head in disappointment that he’s wasting so much energy with so little reward. He’s just one let down after another, isn’t he?
I’m kidding. I think it’s great that he’s actually starting to move around on the floor. He seems to be happier now that he can get his toys on his own. He cries less, which is always a bonus.
Along with crawling, Luke is also expanding his taste for fine cuisine. We’ve moved into chicken, ground beef, yogurt, and sushi. Maybe not sushi. I suspect Sarah may have been lying when she said that Luke ate my sushi when I wasn’t looking. She wouldn’t lie to me about something like that though, would she?
We’re about to go to another child’s 1st birthday party with him. While I wrap up this post Luke is actually sitting on my lap dressed in his birthday suit (real clothing, not his bare bottom), babbling about the ancient Romans and how long it really took them to build Rome or something. Wish me luck!

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