Gut Feeling

Posted July 27th, 2009 by Sarah

I have a gut feeling that this will NEVER end. I technically have 22 days left until my due date as of today, and I feel like I am having little to no progress in the progress department. Lucus loves his home and isn’t inclined to come out anytime soon. I did however get some good news today about the August full moon which is on August 6th. I guess people believe that babies come on a full moon day. This day would work for me. I would be free that day to go ahead and have Luke. After I got my spirits up with the sooner full moon they were let down when I read that this is all bs. I guess I just don’t like being in control. This one really nice guy I know told me that when I feel like I cannot control something to control Aaron that much more. He said it will help Aaron in the long run. Reading the last post from Aaron I think that might work.

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