I hope this *NEVER* ends!

Posted July 25th, 2009 by Aaron

I’m lying.  I really , want this to be over.  I’m constantly in trouble.  I had to give up all of my extracurricular activities for Sarah.  That leaves me with painting and yard work.

She had her baby shower last weekend.  Lots of people came and were very generous.  Luke is going to be well-dressed and will be taken care of well.  I think that we may have a few too many newborn diapers, but we’ll see.  I suspect that we can take them and exchange them for the next size up if we need to.

Sarah is about to start week 37.  Just a few more days.  We’re at the point now that we go to the doctor every week.  Yay.  That combined with the weekly birthing classes that we’ve been attending, some might say that I’m in heaven.  I think otherwise.

The doctor is also doing a pelvic exam every visit.  Luke’s still up pretty high.  She said that there’s no dialation.  I offered to double-check her work, just to give a second opinion.  With two fingers held proudly in the air, I declared, “lube me!”

Again, I’m lying of course, but still, maybe she’s wrong.  Probably not.

So now that the shower is over, the only thing left is baby.  We want to get a couple more things before he arrives, but realistically he can arrive and we’d be fine.

I’m guessing that he’s going to arrive pretty close to his due date.  I’m hoping for a Friday birth.  That way I can maximize my time off (weekend through weekend).  My guess though is August 14 (a Friday of course).  He’ll be about 7 pounds, probably average length (whatever length that is).

When do you think he’ll be born, and how big?

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  1. Mama Bowers

    August 16th…my bday!