27 Weeks – 13 To Go

Posted May 19th, 2009 by Sarah

I remember thinking at 19 weeks that I couldn’t possibly get any larger. Well here at 27 weeks I am thinking the same thing. I also can understand how taking a long walk can put someone into labor. I took walk yesterday and I had to waddle on home. At the end I felt like I had no choice but to lie down when I got home. I was whipped. Today I feel like I had a hard workout yesterday from a walk. Baby is in charge now.

In other news I am always hot, which is nice since I used to freezing in the air conditioning at work all summer. I am also very moody.

The baby continues to move and I can see it from the outside which is really cool. It looks like my stomach is dancing. On one had 13 weeks feels like forever, but on the other hand it doesn’t feel like that long. I have my shower in July and birthing classes in July as well. I am feeling like by the time July comes I will be even more ready than I am today. Today although I feel ready, I want the baby to keep on cooking for heath reasons, and I also want to mentally prepare for giving birth. That part is just freaky.

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