Lucas Alexander Stemen

Posted May 19th, 2009 by Sarah

9 things to love about Baby Luke

1. He moves when Aaron talks
2. He already has the best taste in clothes thanks to his mom
3. He has friends in this world and he hasn’t even arrived. His friends are waiting for him – he will be popular
4. He is a mentor – he has a friend who was just conceived who he will wait on (no names here, it is still a secret)
5. He loves food like his mom and through cravings he makes his mom eat things like apples, and yogurt, and milk, and lots of salad
6. He makes his mom more outspoken – and angry and moody too

7. Instead of working out like crazy and feeling like his mom could always be doing more, Luke lets his mom know when it is time to sit down and relax

8. He kicks every time mommy considers buying something which means to just buy it. His mom has gotten shoes because of him, and cute baby clothes, and even the extra baby furniture.

9. When his mom is having a bad day he kicks and makes it all better instantly and now seeing him move under the skin makes all the bad symptoms of pregnancy go away!

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  1. Amy

    Milo is waiting for him and we are too. Hang in there!