Again with the ultrasounds!

Posted April 28th, 2009 by Aaron

We had another ultrasound at the doctor’s visit today. Apparently she couldn’t see the umbilical cord last time, so she wanted to try again this time. She forgot about it after looking at my boy’s junk. He must be a Stemen if looking at his goods caused her to forget everything else!

Here are the two pictures that she snapped for us…

This first one is of him holding his hands up near his face. His face looks really weird though. I can see his hands, but I don’t know what part of his face is what! For some reason, the doctor thought I would know what we’re looking at and told Sarah, “your husband will tell you what that is later.” Really lady? I couldn’t tell you what it was when you were pointing it out!

His head and hands

His head and hands

This second one is borderline illegal! If I did this in public, I’m pretty sure I would get arrested for it. Here’s Luke though, just flashing the ultrasound camera. In his defense though, maybe we should be the one’s thrown in jail. We are the ones peeping on him in the privacy of his home.

Naughty bits

Naughty bits

With that last piece of damning evidence, it’s definitely a boy. I didn’t doubt it after the last ultrasound, but since he decided to show his ass, in the very literal sense here, even our doctor has no doubt.

I ordered some Blue Jackets onesies for him today. I bought one from each of the first 3 sizes (0-3M, 3-6M, and 6-9M). I wanted to make sure that he had enough Blue Jackets gear to make it through all or most of the season.

And did I happen to mention that they’re customized? They will have Stemen on the back, and the number 66 which is what I wore on my hockey jerseys when I played in the rec leagues.

That’s my boy!

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