The Master List

Posted December 21st, 2008 by Aaron

Sarah’s really been working on coming up with names for Baby Stemen.  She’s been keeping a “master list” of the names that we both agree are possibilities.  Unfortunately, she treats the list like it’s a crucial document that’s necessary for the kid’s survival.

Also of unfortune is that she’ll ask me about names that I don’t like.  She’ll ask me about the same names the next day.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s hoping that I’ll forget that I said no, or if it’s to see if I’ll change my answer.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond today, where we happened to run into Rick and Patsy.  I love Rick and Patsy, but that store is terrible for social gatherings.  The aisles are narrow and there was a ton of people.  but I digress.

We were talking to them, and apparently the whole time, Sarah felt really nauseous.  Which is part of the reason that we were there.  We had to cut it short and not spill the beans (or toss the cookies) about the upcoming baby.

Sarah was looking for some kind of a weird body pillow to help keep her comfortable at night.  She was also looking for something to help with her nausea.  She’s constantly complainign about getting car sick while I drive.  I take it as a personal insult because I can’t drive any smoother.  She doesn’t mean it that way though, but still.

We checked at Bed, Bath and Beyond to no avail.  So we went over to Babies R Us.  When we walked in, it was as if the angels were singing.  I think it was just a noisy automatic door in the entrance.  We did find plenty of things there for her though.

We found a pillow that she can tuck between her knees and under her stomach to help keep her comfortable.  Also, she found some candy that’s supposed to settle her stomach, which it did successfully.  I was pretty happy about that because I was ready to scream if she complained again about feeling queasy in the car.

I’m only half kidding about being ready to scream.  It was getting old.

That’s it for me.  I’m going to go play some Guitar Hero.  It *is* my birthday afterall.  Peace!

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