Under Construction

Posted April 25th, 2009 by Aaron

I started working on the baby room last weekend. I think it was last weekend. Maybe the weekend before that. Who know?

Anyway, we moved everything out whenever it was that we started. A few days ago, I went ahead and put on the first round of spackle. Not too bad except I had to cover a LOT of spots. Some of it was just little nail holes, but some of it was some of those wall anchors that I pried out of the walls.

The previous owners did a craptastic job of taking care of that particular room. I suspect that they were expecting their first kid (a girl), maybe didn’t find out what it was ahead of time, prepped and painted the room a cartoonish green. They probably nicked and banged up the walls a little bit moving stuff in.

Then they got pregnant with the second kid and found out it was going to be a boy, instead of being surprised. So they moved all the stuff out and around, hung new things on the walls, spackled over spots, and painted it blue.

Then, they moved all the stuff out, banged up the walls some more, and made it into a guest bedroom.

They probably also touched up spots with spackle and paint to prepare it for sale.

The walls are in pretty sorry shape. I’m going through and trying to smooth everything out the best that I can. The walls will definitely be better, but they won’t look like new thanks to the former owners and their special olympics style of home repair.

But, I’m putting as much effort, thought, concern, and pride into my work in this room that I do in any other room that I prepare. Even though Lucas won’t have the first clue about what’s going on, I’ll know that the effort that I put into it is all for him. He’ll have a nice room for a nursery, and when he moves out of it, I’ll do the same for his next room.

But seriously though, my mom asked me on Facebook what the theme was going to be for the room. I told her that the theme is, “Don’t touch the walls. Dad spent a lot of time getting them to look as nice as they do. Seriously, I think he may kill you if you mess up the walls.”

I’m thinking about applying that same theme to the rest of the house…

One Response to “Under Construction”

  1. FShaskus

    My dad spent twenty years telling us “Don’t touch the GD walls.” It would be nice to think that they stayed clean that whole time. But I honestly can’t remember what the looked like before we added all the holes and handprints.