I like to move it move it, he likes to move it

Posted April 2nd, 2009 by Sarah

Luke is having lunch time aerobics class in my belly right now which reminded me to post. I updated my registries with some cute boy items and some personalized items as well. Pottery Barn allows personalization so I added the name Luke to some of the times. I always think that is so cute. At Baby’s R’ Us I added some little things and I added a bunch of clothes at Target. It is nice knowing that I am having a boy so I can plan. This weekend I am going to be moving stuff out of Luke’s room so we can start painting. I can’t believe there are 20 weeks left at the most! Wow!

2 Responses to “I like to move it move it, he likes to move it”

  1. FShaskus

    No baby news for three weeks? That is almost 10% of your pregnancy. Surely something exciting/wonderful has happened

  2. Aaron

    I blame Sarah. I give her gold for content, and she squanders it away.

    Actually, I’ve been super busy, and Sarah has been super-vising. I’ll make her post about the room and the progress.